Home Improvements Catalog- My ‘Man-Friday’ After Home Remodeling

home-repair-tools-ga-3When we were done with remodeling our new home, being the woman of the house, grudgingly I took up the onus of figuring out, researching, planning, and furnishing the décor of our new home. Keeping in mind our state of penury (as home remodeling was pricey), the man of the house embarked upon some DIY projects of the outside space, while I did it by doing nip-and-tuck jobs of some inherited furniture like a ottoman, and a book-case. And an online home improvements catalog came to my rescue. While I am good at DIY projects finding the right tool is not easy. Also during our home improvement project, I was eager to done with beautifying our interiors as early as possible. And I should thank whole-heartedly the home improvements catalog I bought my tools from for its timely delivery, and making my dream a success to start living in a beautifully furnished, fresh home.

How I Turned Into A Fan Of Online Catalogs

We were pretty broke with the home remodeling thing, so it’s almost next to impossible to buy expensive equipments for my DIY assignments. Spectacularly, not only did I see a huge collection of items of my choice in the online catalog, but also it saved my purse by offering unbelievably low prices, mouth-watering discounts and innumerable coupons. But the job of finding the right home improvements catalog was not as easy as I made it to sound. If you are in a hurry for an online catalog, just Google the terms and see for yourself how many ‘wannabe’ sites are there with advertising books on home-decors and remodeling, in the garb of home improvement catalog. So going through each ‘hopeful’ site ensuring that I was not missing anything to landing on the perfect catalog and choosing my ‘needed’ items, and then comparing the prices – was a painful but rewarding process itself.

The Only Disadvantage I Found

Though I was thoroughly satisfied with the service of my online catalog, there is a high chance that while shopping from a catalog, you may see one product and ultimately get a completely different one. As in case of online shopping we mainly rely on images, it’s always comes handy if you study the product descriptions carefully and mail the customer care, if required.


But with a mere, superficial downside, home improvements catalog is full of benefits that I personally experienced and felt happy about. So the mantra lies in finding the ‘right one’ for you.

How I Got A Refurbished House In Tune With The Latest Trends?

4In live in Seattle at a small apartment along with Steve, my husband. Both of us are too busy in our respective work and my husband has to remain abroad for most of the time for his work. We do not get enough time for the maintenance of our house and I did not even realize that the décor of my house has become outdated although my apartment was plush. I always believe in keeping a track with the latest fashion and I had never failed to update me according to the latest trend but I realized that I had ignore the décor of the house for the past few years when my friend pointed it out to me.

Outdated Décor

My family and friends decided to spend the Thanksgiving ceremony at our house for its prime location at Seattle which made me more nervous as I had only a month for completely refurbishing the décor of the house. Unable to find from where to begin, I started exploring the home improvements catalog online of a reputed home improvement company. I was mesmerized by the designs I found in the catalogue and could not choose the best from it.

Awe-Inspiring Catalogs

I was in a dilemma which design to choose and which one will be apt for my apartment. The designs were all modern. I decided to put an email to the home improvement company and to my surprise they guided me how to redesign the décor of my apartment. I decided to go for the plan as they promised to complete the project within a month. I could not invest much of the time on it for my busy schedule but the refurbishing work was done in tune of wishes.

The Final Result

After 28 days, I saw the images from the home improvements catalog come into life in my apartment. Steve could not contain his awe when he discovered our refurbished home. I was greatly appreciated by all the guests in the Thanksgiving ceremony for my home.

Interior Designing With Home Improvements Catalog

3After our 2 years long relationship when I and Kevin finally decided to tie a knot, the first thought that came to my mind is that before starting up our new journey we have got to move to a new apartment. But decorating the new apartment with those old furniture seems so dull that I decided to dump the old stuffs and do up our apartment with some new bric-a-bracs. But I found it really difficult to go to the shops and bag some new furniture or hire an interior decorator to end up with the interior. Then Kevin saved me with his idea to get help of home improvements catalog.

How Kevin Guided Me

I googled and found a string of some latest home improvements catalog. I found a whole new list of bedroom furniture, bed accessories, modern closet designing, decorative lights, various electronic equipments, bathroom furniture and so on.

My Guest’s Back Slapping Response

Well after I was done with the job Kevin told me to arrange a get together party at our place. My interior was appreciated widely by all my guests. Suddenly I felt very proud of myself. I thanked home improvements catalog at the same time, which made it possible for both of us to do up our home sweet home with some fantastic furniture with a surprising ease!!

Home Improvements Catalog – My 3AM Friend For The Project

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image14096590During the desperate hours of my home remodeling process, I felt that building a home beautifully and making it functional, come with the price of back-breaking work. Like delivering your first baby, shaping up your dream home or moving to it- is also a very personal experience. And no matter how much advice you pay heed to beforehand, you need to learn the tricks along the trade. If I speak about myself then home improvements catalog became my personal friend-and-guide in those months of planning, altering and DIY-ing (Do-it-Yourself).

How Differentiate A Genuine Home Improvements Catalog From A Counterfeit?

Once I woke up from my slumber in a panic remembering how badly I needed some equipment to finish off my DIY convertible coffee table, as I had to get it done soon. Till then I heard tons of praises from some reliable sources about the efficiency of a good home improvements catalog (but as usual, forgot to ask about the particular site!), I decided to Google the term ‘Home improvements catalog’. But most of the sites seemed the mere advertisements of selling books and booklets, while I was looking for a one-stop solution where I shall find all the necessity tools and equipments that one needs, when embarking upon the mammoth project called home improvement.

Once burning my fingers in the wrong route, I took the painstaking one and after much toil, was able to find out the perfect and most beautiful online home improvement catalog I have ever seen. Not only it contained tiny pictures of the items it sells, but also it was full of tips, expert’s advice, space-saving yet visually sound home improvement ideas, how to execute them and what it needs in order to do so. It’s like your -virtual builder, architect and interior designer-all rolled into one. Also the site provided swift money exchange and quick shipment- as cherries on the top.

So my words of wisdom for those who are on their wit’s end by thinking about home improvements ideas and their implementation like I was once, are – hunting down the best possible home improvement catalog for your project is one of the wisest moves you can make. Sometimes you may feel baffled while looking for them in the internet space as the genuine online catalog may not come in a traditional look. Also the sites selling books but claiming to be a catalog, may confuse you with their appearances, but remember that persistence is the key.

Key Points I Learnt While Selecting The Best Possible Catalog For My Home

  • The best catalog should contain all the big-small brands of repute out there that caters to different needs and budget. Also the ‘search option’ should be easy enough to navigate you through the site by introducing an array of items of your choice and convenience, and the catalog should do it promptly.
  • Also a good online home improvement catalog should give away its quality on its very homepage. Apart from the pictures and brief descriptions of the products, its home page must disclose any special discounts or offers, it is dishing out now. And a quality catalog has something for each buyer-while in the form of discounts or delightfully low prices.
  • The catalog should show the items-in-stock and the approx days it would take to deliver the product.


Though it’s preposterous to think that the shipment will be in a lighting speed, the top catalog won’t be dillydallying in delivering it or make you false claims. The beauty of it lies in its convenient and quick service, so choose one with time.